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Media Watch Meet-up

A small group of liberal elitists behind The Sun: Tabloid Lies, Mail Watch, Express Watch and other personal attacks on common sense and decency will be meeting for a London-centric Chardonnay-quaffing* session at The Monarch in Camden at 2:30pm on Saturday 6th August, 2011. Members of the public are invited to attend, provided they are not operating under the constraints of an imaginary legal device. Those attending may be exposed to furtive whispers about media standards as a spectacle, media-watching as a sport, and other aspects of the vast left wing conspiracy to impose accuracy and accountability on a self-regulated system that’s doing just fine without our incessant meddling. [*There […]

Richard Peppiatt resigns from Daily Star

The following is an extract from a letter written by Richard Peppiatt (to proprietor Richard Desmond) upon his resignation from the Daily Star. It earns mention here because Richard Desmond also owns the Daily Express. And a whole lot of porn channels, which we may have mentioned once or twice before now. Extract from Richard Peppiatt’s letter to Daily Star proprietor Richard Desmond: I nearly walked out last summer when the Daily Star got all flushed about taxpayer-funded Muslim-only loos. A newsworthy tale were said toilets Muslim-only. Or taxpayer-funded. Undeterred by the nuisance of truth, we omitted a few facts, plucked a couple of quotes, and suddenly anyone would think […]

Clubhouse rules

Greetings! The post you are reading at this moment is appearing simultaneously on four websites: Bloggerheads (post permalink) – my personal site The Sun: Tabloid Lies (post permalink) – a media watch site targeting The Sun Daily Mail Watch (post permalink) – a media watch site targeting the Daily Mail Express Watch (post permalink) – a brand new media watch site targeting Express newspapers I’m not the gaffer for all of these sites, but I have had a word with the relevant writers and webmasters about what I’m about to share with you, the reader, so you know what to expect from these media watch sites targeting The Sun, Daily […]

GayTV: Richard Desmond loves cock (for cash)

Front pages reach an audience beyond a newspaper’s readership, and every editor knows this. Therefore, the impact of this stunning bigotry and ignorance should not be underestimated and certainly shouldn’t be ignored: Daily Express – NOW ASYLUM IF YOU’RE GAY: Asylum claims could soar after judges upheld appeals by two gay men who were to be deported. The men, from Iran and Cameroon, had been refused asylum by the Appeal Court under Labour on the grounds that they could avoid ill-treatment by hiding their sexuality or behaving discreetly. But the Supreme Court overturned their deportation yesterday. The cases will now be reconsidered. Campaigners last night warned it could mean millions […]

Will Martin Townsend sack Derek Lambie?

NOTE – This post is a (back-dated) mirror of the original article from this author’s site. Earlier this year, the Scottish edition of the Sunday Express newspaper published a front page article, “Anniversary Shame of Dunblane Survivors” (detail). It was penned by Paul Murray working under Scottish title editor, Derek Lambie. Lambie himself works under Sunday Express editor Martin Townsend (detail). At one stage Townsend asked me to get in touch if I was in any way dissatisfied with Lambie’s attempts to resolve the matter. I have cause to doubt Martin Townsend’s sincerity, as I did just as he suggested after Lambie initially resisted widespread demands for an apology before […]

Derek Lambie: The Gates

NOTE – This post is a (back-dated) mirror of the original article from this author’s site. – | – Click here to sign the petition (4,481 signatures and counting) Click here to join the Facebook group (3,302 members and counting) IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS ISSUE, PLEASE *READ* THE PETITION Scottish Sunday Express article at the centre of this can be read here. FYI: High demand is causing comment glitches and temporary outages. Comments are still welcome, but some may be lost or duplicated. Be warned. – | – I’m hearing noise about pending/current legal action from the corner of Derek Lambie, editor of the Scottish Sunday Express. For […]