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It looks like the UK European Commission Rep is getting a little tired of the Express… Letter sent to the Editor of The Daily Express on 18th January 2012 The idea that giving teachers pencil cases and brochures, at their own request, is “brainwashing” by the EU (Express, 18 January) is nonsense. The notion that a video published on our website for two years is part of some secret conspiracy is absurd. Sadly, there is a great deal of misinformation about the EU in the UK, though we tend to avoid hyperbolic terms like “brainwashing”. But it does not come from the European Commission. Our Euromyths website, where the Express […]

Express confuses ‘fact finding’ with ‘new regulation’

BARMY EU ‘COLDER FRIDGES’ ORDER WILL COST US £100M BRITAIN faces a £100million bill because a bizarre new EU regulation will order supermarkets to turn down the temperature on their refrigerators. Eurocrats are demanding that stores’ cold storage areas are chilled by a further three degrees to “improve” food safety. But the order to reset thermostats in stock rooms, warehouses, and delivery vans to 2C (36F) has angered retailers and MPs. They say it will cost up to £100million to implement and increase energy consumption without making food any safer. As usual, there are no new regulations, only a fact finding exercise which, according to the EU Commission was prompted […]

The Second Annual Media-Watchery Meetup

Do you fancy a pint? The gang behind The-Sun-Lies, Mailwatch, Expresswatch and numerous other media watching blogs are having Their second annual Media Watch Meetup. The first one, held in August just gone was such a success they couldn’t wait another twelve months so it’s being held in a couple of weeks. Do come along for a drink or two and a chat about the papers, blogging or just to say hello. Best of all it’s free (apart from the beer which you’ll have to pay for yourself. We’re not *that* nice). There’s no entrance fee and you won’t need to buy anyone a beer to gain access to any […]

Hiding the truth where nobody will see it.

A bit hat tip goes to for spotting this one ( link). FRENCH MUSLIMS USE OUR CASH TO FIGHT BURKHA BAN A FRENCH Muslim couple sparked fury yesterday by using a free legal service paid for by British taxpayers to challenge their country’s controversial burkha ban. The unnamed husband and wife claim they were forced to move to Britain from France by the new law which prevents women wearing the veil in public. They want £10,000 damages because the “unnecessary, disproportionate and unlawful” ban breaches their right to free movement across the European Union. Now based in the West Midlands, they are trying to overturn the law at the […]

Northern and Shell withdraw from self regulation

Northern and Shell, the publishers of the Daily Express and other Desmond publications, have withdrawn (or been excluded, depending on who’s talking) from the system of self regulation run by the Press Complaints Commission (PCC). The statement from the PCC states… The Press Complaints Commission has today responded to the news that Northern & Shell is withdrawing its subscription to the Press Standards Board of Finance (PressBof) and, accordingly, its financial support for the system of press self-regulation. To preserve its independence, the PCC does not involve itself directly in obtaining funding from publishers. However, a refusal to support the self-regulatory system financially means that a 7newspaper publisher effectively withdraws […]

Scary vaccines and the Sunday Express… again

This post first appeared on the blog Minority Thought. It is reproduced here by kind permission. In the week that Dr Andrew Wakefield’s claim linking the MMR jab with autism was dismissed by the British Medial Journal as a “deliberate fraud” and a “hoax”, the Sunday Express is on the look-out for another vaccine scare (click to enlarge): The article, written by Lucy Johnston, the Sunday Express’ Health Editor, states that: UP to a million under-fives have been inoculated against the flu virus with a controversial vaccine containing poisonous mercury. Inquiries by the Sunday Express reveal it contains a preservative made with a form of mercury that was phased out […]

How migrants snatched our homes

This story in the Express could’ve been a proper piece of journalism. Instead it’s just an excuse for demonising some immigrants, that from the sounds of it, are just as much the victims of a scam as some home owners. Some home owners have left their properties, one to renovate it and another to walk his dog (and became ill and didn’t return for two days) only to find immigrants, Lithuanians no less, have moved in. Both home owners are quoted as saying when they confronted their new tenants, the new occupiers have been paying rent and local residents “fear a ring of bogus estate agents may be watching their […]