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A tabloid-friendly guide to the EU and ECHR

While media watching, one thing you notice is a repeated confusion between the European Union (EU) and the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) (run by the Council of Europe, CoE). This may be completely inadvertent, but the Sun, Daily Mail and Express do make this mistake on a regular basis, amongst other “errors”. I thought I would help them out. Wikipedia has the following diagram showing how the jurisdiction of various European bodies overlaps*, as well as a few extra bits**: As you can see there is a clear overlap between the EU and CoE/ECtHR – in fact to join the EU you must be a member of the CoE/ECtHR – but it is clear that there is a significant difference between the […]

Daily Express apologises to former MP

This was originally posted on Minority Thought It’s worth reproducing this recent apology from the Daily Express in its entirety: IN Court yesterday, we apologised to Stephen Hesford former MP for West Wirrall.On 17 October 2009, we published an article entitled “MP who took moral stance “was a sex pest”.  The article reported on proceedings before the Employment Tribunal in Liverpool the day before brought against Mr Hesford by a former employee for sexual discrimination.The article also stated that a claim for sexual harassment had been made but wrongly implied that Mr Hesford was being accused of personally having sexually harassed his former employee and as such was a hypocrite […]

How to Respond to Media Myths

This is a cross-post on The Sun – Tabloid Lies, Express Watch and Mail Watch. When you read the Sun, Daily Mail and the Express over a long-enough period of time, you start to notice a few things. One thing that crops up regularly are hysterical ranting posts over a few small topics, including the following: It’s Political Correctness/‘Elf-and-Safety gawn maaaddd!!!; Scandal as the NHS refuses treatment!!!!!/New miracle cure for [insert scary medical condition here] – this is a particular favourite of the Mail which appears to be on a quest to categorise everything into either causing or curing cancer; Eurocrats are trying to control our way of life!!!!; Immigrants […]

What they trying to say?

I was researching the Express’s coverage of various health issues and stumbled upon this post. The post itself isn’t of that much interest, but check out the URL. Before anyone asks, no, I’ve not amended the address in any way.