Express Watch operates as a central hub for articles scrutinising the output of the Daily Express, Sunday Express, and their regional variations.

These tabloid newspapers are owned by Northern & Shell, a British publishing group owned by Richard Desmond.

Richard Desmond is a pornographer. We like to mention this often because it often comes as a surprise to readers of his more conservative publications.

We make no judgement on the pornography itself, even though it’s widely acknowledged that the quality of his print titles (e.g. Asian Babes, Horny Housewives, and Spunk Loving Sluts) was uniformly low. Instead, we’d like to highlight the hypocrisy of a man who peddles moral outrage to one audience while selling masturbation fodder to another.

(Note – Here it should be noted that in 2004, Desmond sought to distance himself from print title profits, but through Portland TV still owns the adult TV channels Television X, Red Hot TV and others.)

This is only one reason why many of our writers are of the opinion that Desmond’s tabloid-based ventures are insincere and concerned more with profit than principle, and why we are concerned that his readers may be misled by outrage/panic-inducing headlines and/or articles that have little/no reason to exist beyond the need to shift units.

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