Express confuses ‘fact finding’ with ‘new regulation’

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BRITAIN faces a £100million bill because a bizarre new EU regulation will order supermarkets to turn down the temperature on their refrigerators.

Eurocrats are demanding that stores’ cold storage areas are chilled by a further three degrees to “improve” food safety.

But the order to reset thermostats in stock rooms, warehouses, and delivery vans to 2C (36F) has angered retailers and MPs.

They say it will cost up to £100million to implement and increase energy consumption without making food any safer.

As usual, there are no new regulations, only a fact finding exercise which, according to the EU Commission was prompted by some member states and not bored beaurocrats looking for something to meddle with…

Letter to the Editor of the Daily Express, sent on 12th December 2011

Dear Sirs,

Contrary to claims in your article, “Barmy EU ‘colder fridges’ order will cost us £100m”, 12 December 2011, there are no new EU regulations ordering supermarkets to turn down fridge temperatures. The facts are less chilling.

EU member states have asked the Commission to look into the fact that supermarkets’ own meat cutting plants are not covered by the same hygiene regulations as independent plants, even though they often process more meat.

So the Commission is carrying out a fact finding exercise, to make sure consumers are properly protected.

No changes have been proposed and none could enter into force without full scrutiny by MEPs and national ministers.

Yours faithfully

Mark English
Head of Media
European Commission Representation in the UK

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